We help better share your vision using 4D simulation models. Each model showcase your project in virtual twin of the physical site –  including buildings, terrain, infrastructure, people and vegetation – and offers the ability to compile ideas and plans from multiple stakeholders in one unified visualization. This positively influence the entire project process by:

  • Simplify the communication of new technologies and ideas
  • Reduce errors, help manage risk and facilitate better decision-making
  • Making it easier to convey a full understanding of your development to your stakeholders, potential customers and the community at large
  • More effectively demonstrate design options in planning meetings and community/stakeholder discussion
  • Help attract interest and excitement about what is coming ahead

In addition, a 4D model can be reused and expanded to incorporate new development projects and generate a stream of marketing materials.


We can program your model to include generic and real-time traffic simulations, making it easy for you to explore and showcase new transit technologies in a multimodal environment. This helps you understand and communicate:

  • How infrastructure enhancements affect mobility
  • How new transit technologies will look like in the built environment
  • Station locations and route alternatives
  • How a new system can interact with existing transit operations


Once the 4D world is built, we help you generate marketing material throughout all stages of your project. These include:

  • High quality renders for documents, posters etc
  • Video HD or 4k resolution
  • 360 degree videos and images with free movement of view
  • Virtual world with free movement accessible on PC and MAC
  • Virtual world with VR support for a full immersive experience at exhibitions, events etc

Special competence and skills

We have since 2008 specialized in know-how for new mobility technology such as PRT (“Podcars”) and viualization and simulation of multi modal solutions. We have a large library of vehicle types and charasteristics of those for realistic examples. A few of those from New Orleans and Washington D.C: