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Godisfabriken med Ahlgrens Torg Gävle

Testsite for Automated Vehicles

The Integrated Transport Research Lab at the Royal Institute of Technology needed a 4D model to show simulations of self-driving minibuses at Kista Center. 4Dialog offered the ready-made model of the same area and added VR-functionality. The entire concept was launched June 12, 2019 at the Ericsson Mobility day. From 2020 this technology is prepared to be a part of the 5G cloud services by Ericsson world wide.

New Neighborhood in Taby

Roslags-Nasby is a a large-scale development project involving independent 14 architectural firms and a whole new city district. To showcase the plans for the community and future buyers we helped build a virtual replica of the entire area and include each of the new buildings in one large 4D model. The model is used to produce movies, high quality renders and allow the public to visit this future district using VR in a exhibition hall.

Park City

Park City needed to visualize a connection between the ski resort and adjacent businesses. Together with PRT consulting, we therefore built a simulation model of a elevated Group Rapid Transit System, using Modutram vehicles.

Shared Autonomous Vehicles at Arlanda Airport

For Arlanda Airport, 4Dialog built a compehensive 4D model to test, visualize and evaluate an extensive study of how an Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV) could be utilized at the airport. Incorporating traffic simulations to test the capacity of the SAV and how it would be used allowed for a sucessful evaluation, communication and stakeholder outreach and the system will now be tested in reality.

Sodertalje City

For continous projects in an expanding city, we have built one of our largest 4D models for city of Sodertalje. The model is a live replica of the city and is being continously updated and expanded as the city grows. Sodertalje has really understood the cost-effectivenes of reusing a 4D model, and we are continously new adding projects in the already existing environment and re-genereating new communication and marketing the material.